Chinese Cupping in Rapid City, South Dakota
Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment.  Similar in purpose to Acupuncture, it attempts to stimulate the body’s meridians, enhance the flow of Qi, and restore the body’s balance.

Cupping uses suction to draw blood to a specific point on your body.  This allows the circulation of that blood to heal certain organs and body parts related to “Meridian Lines” that run along your neck, legs, hands, and back. This 3000 year-old therapy has been known by many different names with each technique being slightly different.

The warmth and pressure of the Cupping device creates a vacuum, promoting the flow of blood and Qi—also known as Chi (Chinese for “natural energy from the Universe”).  This helps to decrease swelling, reduce fever, ease pain in the lower back and extremities, ease stomach aches, vomiting, diarrhea, asthma, and lung disease, among others.  “Wet Cupping” is a lesser-known style of this procedure thought to relieve certain conditions. With Wet Cupping, the skin is pierced before the cup is placed over the area, allowing a small amount of blood to collect.  This is also known as blood-letting and can be applied alongside the regular Cupping process.