December 2009 Newsletter

winter sceneAs the song goes “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” ~ at least that’s how I feel! I really do love the winter season…the deep darkness and cold that falls over so much of the country fosters a desire to be still, become more reflective, and even hibernate! While the pace of our modern world doesn’t really encourage that inner reflection and desire to slow down, our inner voice seems to cry out for it. When you are able, seize the quiet times, embrace those moments of slowing down and allow your own batteries to recharge. Get some extra sleep when you can. That’s what winter is all about.

Then run outside and make a snow angel! Be a kid and delight in the taste of a snowflake on your tongue before you shovel the stairs (grumble grumble), and before you wish it wasn’t so cold! That happy little kid is still inside of you, just as the wisdom of eternity is in the eyes of a newborn. Realize your part in the cycle of life, and how much we actually need the introspection of the winter season.

Now if you’re in the warm country and you get your snow and cold via the television, it’s still winter, and you can still spend some time going within and conserving your personal resources…say hello for me to whatever lush greenery you are enjoying.

This really has been a challenging year for most people I know. Among the blessings I count are the relationships with new patients I have been fortunate to cultivate, and the relationships that have been nurtured with patients I’ve worked with since opening the doors of New Freedom in May of 2007. This year involved some business restructuring and a move up two flights of stairs to my new office suite. It is a cozy place and just the right size for me and you!

I am practicing acupuncture full time again after a 5 month stint doing office work in the afternoons. The part time job helped me to stabilize financially while the recession raged, and helped me to realize that I want and need to focus fully on this amazing medicine. I just love acupuncture and oriental medicine and my passion for it continues to grow.

I am grateful that my weekly date in Central City (1 mile from Deadwood) continues to bring me in contact with the beauty of the Northern Hills and the wonderful people in those communities. Bonus points for the time I am able to spend with Dr. John and the lovely Dee…always supportive and always fun to be around.

I have entered into a new relationship with Alternative Health Care Center of the Black Hills. I am working in their office on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings helping to care for patients seen by my dear friend Kirsty, who moved to Alaska. I miss her and her wonderful treatments, and have high hopes of a northern visit in the spring.

The Alternative Health team is great, and it feels great to be in a medical setting that offers a wide range of health care options, including chiropractic, massage, detoxification foot baths, an esthetician carrying some of the yummiest organic skin care products I’ve ever tried, and more. Check them out at

I have a new and beautiful website, and business branding thanks to the fantastic work of Nicole Bickett at If you need a marketing expert, Nicole is a dynamo and I recommend her highly. Just in case you haven’t looked at my new website lately, find it at It’s “da bomb!”

This year the South Dakota Acupuncturists joined together and formed an association that is “officially recognized” by our state government. While we are few in number, we are working overtime to actualize a mighty dream: the regulation and legislation of the practice of acupuncture. South Dakota is one of only six states in the country that is unregulated. This legislation will protect the consumer by guaranteeing that the person sticking needles in you has received a comprehensive education and passed the national certification board exams, has malpractice insurance and is not misrepresenting their abilities. We are very hopeful that the legislation will pass, and when the time comes for community support, yours will be requested.

I am grateful to have the confidence of my peers in asking that I assume the Presidency of our fledgling association. I have been quite busy with national associations, lawyers, committees and paperwork to further our push to insure safe acupuncture in South Dakota. It also feels great to get to know the other practitioners in the state and to build community with like-minded people.

Wherever you are, and however you celebrate during this special time of year, I wish you all the best that life has to offer. May there be peace in your hearts, strength of spirit to carry you through challenges that surely will arise, excellent health, prosperity and success in all you undertake. I carry you in my heart and I am grateful beyond measure for you in my life. Thank you!

Ho ho ho,